We’ve funded 120,00 charity projects for 20M people around the world.

Worldwide, 20 million childrens have lost both parents and live in orphanages or on the street.

Our Mission

PASWO wants to support women to enhance their low skills to make a profession. To ensure that women’s rights, social, economic, environmental, justice and health. Promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and integrity of the environment. Be safe domestically and financially. We want to make strong connecting bridge with our seniors and kids. Development of awareness and better understanding of the communities they live in.

Our Vision

As each woman walks her own path, her footsteps make ripple effect. She shares her power of skills with those around her so together they can bring equality, prosperity and stability to her family and community through the knowledge, skills, and resources she has gained and the connection she has formed with other women. We shape and facilitate the future of skillful, passionate, talented, women by providing the good supporting platform and opportunities for development. Enhance their low skills, boost the valuable connection and facilitating individually success through business and carrier.


Boost Women self-esteem. Shut down negativity. Advocate for female colleagues. Lead by example. Become a mentor. Support women-run business. Enhance their skills and make it their profession. Provide services to overcome barriers and basic resources that increases self-efficiency and improve the quality of life for community’s most vulnerable individuals. We provide basic resources which may include food security, housing, health care, employment and child care. We want to empower women to claim their rights as decision maker, advocates and leader. We provide access for low income parents/guardians, education, skills and resources to raise successful youth. We will arrange specific programs for our vulnerable youth that promote positive youth development.

To learn more about registering your charity with us visit our “Work with us” site. By calling +44(0) 111 222 3333.

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