May 21 2021

PASWO Holds 67th Food Pantry, Community Services, Women & Kids Skills Classes

PASWO Holds 67th Food Pantry, Community Services, Women & Kids Skills Classes

Alhamdullilah PASWO 67 Week of Food distribution along whole week of Community services and Skills Classes for women and Kids has done with a lot of blessings. Hundreds of peoples served by one week all groceries including all essential items of Food, Man Dresses, Oral care kits, Shield Masks and Stoles.
Today important candidates of city council election came and participated in food distribution. Thanks to Mayor candidate Shaun Donavan, Borough President Candidate Methieu Eugene, Council Man candidate Steven Saperstein who came today on Paswo Platform and Explained their agendas. Special thanks to Qari Bashir Sahab who came and did Dua for all Human being and Special for Muslim Ummah. Also thanks to Mark Meyer Appel , Wasim Bhai, Dr. Salama for coming today.
Always thanks to Mayor office and Waqil Ahmad for cooperation.
Thanks and Salute to all PASWO dedicated team and volunteers Specially Raheela Aslam, Shaheen Khokhar, Samira Noor, Saima Atiq, Kausar Parveen, Sabeha Manzoor, Saffa Akhtar, Adeel Khan, Arshad Atta, Ateeq Rehaman, Suhail Rasheed, Malik Irshad Ahmad Theam.
Also Thanks to all Media persons, Mohsin Zaheer, Manzoor Husain, Samad Khan and photographer Azad Hussain.
May Allah bless and accept our all efforts to serve the community Aameen.
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